International food fair ‘Bite Copenhagen’ opens with 150+ inspiring exhibitors, speakers and food frontrunners

Press Release August 29, 2018

When the international food fair 'Bite Copenhagen' opens at Bella Center Copenhagen this week, it will be with a record number of exhibitors on board. Hence, the many professionals and food lovers expected to visit what has already become a key hub for innovation, gastronomy, food tech, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, uncompromising quality, new products, samples and new knowledge in the food industry - can expect to meet more than 150 highly innovative exhibitors, inspirational speakers, and engaged food frontrunners from near and far.


Bite Copenhagen primarily aims at professionals seeking inspiration and news about the latest development in the food industry. However, a selected number of tickets have been earmarked for curious 'foodies' interested in experiencing the many Danish and international exhibitors, speakers and frontrunners within the industry, who will serve up their creative ideas, thoughts and products in gastronomy, food, artificial intelligence, social responsibility, organic products, sustainability, protein sources, packaging, superfoods and much more under the headline: 'Setting Tomorrow's Table'.


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Bite Copenhagen is also affiliated with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark's international World Food Summit - Better Food for More, and runs in close collaboration with the Danish food industry and the recurring Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. New this year is the possibility to attend the so-called 'World Food Summit - Bella Center Copenhagen' and thus, to experience part of the international food summit staged at the Bella Center Copenhagen alongside Bite Copenhagen.


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Exhibitors and participants from around the world

In its first year (2017), more than 32 nationalities attended Bite Copenhagen, including participants from China, Japan, India, Germany, United States, England, Mexico, Russia, Dubai, Italy, The Netherlands, Shanghai, South Korea, Switzerland and many more - and 2018 certainly seems to become equally cosmopolitan in terms of both visitors, exhibitors, and speakers.


"Bite Copenhagen's focus on tomorrow's food solutions is experiencing increasing attention both at home and abroad, and there is a significant number of exciting new exhibitors in 2018. On top, we're are delighted to be able to welcome everyone at the 'World Food Summit - Bella Center Copenhagen', and to host two key events, that together will fuel discussions about tomorrow's food solutions in an international perspective", says Allan L. Agerholm, CEO of BC Hospitality Group A/S, including the Bella Center Copenhagen and Bite Copenhagen. 

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Bite Copenhagen 2018 - a few Highlights

The scene is set for a busy couple of days, with tomorrow's food solutions in focus, and Bite Copenhagen does not just offer a programme with an abundance of exciting exhibitors and entrepreneurial talents and workshops, but also excellent networking events and much more... A selection of these are:


Speed networking, Thursday, August 30th, 2:00-4:00 PM
In collaboration with Danish Food Cluster, Future Food Innovation, Agro Business Park and Agro Food Park, Bite Copenhagen invites the exhibiting companies to participate in an intense networking event in the exhibition area. Participate with your ideas, challenges, off-shelf projects, knowledge and curiosity, and meet potential collaborators for developing new products and solutions.
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'Taste the World', Thursday August 30th, at 6:00-8.30 PM

And there is more networking scheduled when Taste the World, the largest networking event during the World Food Summit - Better Food for More People, is hosted by Bite Copenhagen in Bella Center on Thurday the 30th of August. Here guests from the food industry, frontrunners and VIPs from the World Food Summit are invited along to the party. So why not participate and see what all the fuss is about?

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Inspirational conference (Danish event) with Francis Cardenau and Matt Orlando (Amass), Friday August 31st, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, Horesta and Greater Copenhagen - The Food Mecca of the future, are putting a spotlight on local ingredients and higher quality in canteens, restaurants and industrial kitchens at an event Friday morning. The event is primarily for chefs, canteen supervisors and decision makers from private industrial kitchens in the Copenhagen area.

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WORLD PREMIERE: Welcome to the (Food) Information Age, Friday August 31st, 1:30-2:00 PM.

Livespeak with Sven Philipsen, Sven is named as one of the 25 most significant Artificial Intelligence influencers in the world, and during the Fridays Bite Copenhagen event, he will show an early glimpse of his Everything app - an invention and a breakthrough which will give consumers new ways to communicate (speak with) products and manufacturers.
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About Bite Copenhagen


Bite Copenhagen is an international B2B food fair based in Copenhagen, which showcases solutions for providing better food to more people through education, gastronomy, food waste prevention, technology, packaging, sustainability, organic products, sustainable food consumption and a lot more.


BC Hospitality Group A/S and the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark collaborate on the food fair, which is held in connection with the international 'World Food Summit - Better Food for More People' at Parliament (Christiansborg) and the 'World Food Summit - Bella Center Copenhagen' on August 30th-31st. 


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