Eternal Sundown: Copenhagen Marriott Hotel supports Copenhagen's first light festival with a spectacular installation on the Kalvebod ‘Wave’

Press Release February 9, 2018

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel welcomes foreign visitors to Copenhagen and local residents of the city to this year's big new Copenhagen Light Festival with a spectacular 'Eternal Sundown' installation created by Denmark's own Mads Vegas on Kalvebod Brygge's sculptural waterfront - 'The Wave'.


The Eternal Sundown installation by Mads Vegas for Copenhagen Marriott Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Photographer: Mathias Peter Christian, Kongshaug Productions


Right in front of the city's largest five-star hotel, on the sculptural waterfront 'The Wave', all of Copenhagen's residents and visitors can experience the dark hours of the day in an entirely new light, as Copenhagen Marriott Hotel is actively participating in Copenhagen's cultural life with a specially commissioned light installation - 'Eternal Sundown'- by the Danish light artist Mads Vegas for the Copenhagen Light Festival 2018.


The magnificent installation, which symbolises a sunset, lights up the dark sky in shades of violet, red, orange, yellow and blue from approximately 100 fluorescent tubes mounted on both 'The Wave', the wharf and the promenade and terrace outside the Copenhagen Marriott hotel. A powerful sodium lamp under the bridge is the focal point of the moving light, almost acting as a sun, and the unique display bathes the hotel, 'The Wave' and the harbour in a soft and beautiful light.


Morten Jensen, Group Marketing Director at BC Hospitality Group, including Copenhagen Marriott, is very pleased with the collaboration with Copenhagen Light Festival. Here he elaborates on the hotel's reasons for participating:

"As a key player on the Copenhagen hotel scene, we would like to open up the urban space surrounding the hotel for both local residents and foreign visitors even further. Initiatives such as the light festival are key elements in the 'rediscovery' of the scenic harbour front of our inner city - which is a matter that has been on the agenda of the hotel ever since it opened on Kalvebod Brygge back in 2001."


"People need to experience the amazing views and international atmosphere on offer at our venue, and the Copenhagen Light Festival is really just one example of how we support the local community and how Copenhagen's cultural scene pulsates all year round ," Mr. Jensen adds.


In relation to the light installation itself, the only requirement from the hotel's side was that it should incorporate the location's unrivalled waterfront position, and the result turned out to be a spectacular installation by the Danish light artist, Mads Vegas, which plays on the contrast between light and darkness, creating a stronger connection between the two.


The idea behind the installation is that in the dark Scandinavian winter, warmth and light can feel like distant elements, but the installation's amazing spectrum of colours is there to remind us that the sun never disappears entirely, and that it will soon reveal itself again. The warm shades of colour also lead us to think of new horizons, and the installation's remarkable position by the hotel on the harbour front creates a glimmering reflection in the channel that should definitely be seen and experienced 'live' on Bryggen.


'Eternal Sundown' can be experienced from the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel on Kalvebod Brygge on the Copenhagen waterfront throughout the entire light festival, running from 2 February to 2 March 2018.


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Fast facts about Eternal Sundown

  • 'Eternal Sundown' is one of 30 light installations in the heart of Copenhagen. Visit the Copenhagen Light Festival on foot or on one of the special canal tours, and enjoy Eternal Sundown in front of Copenhagen Marriott - you will find the guide here.
  • Reserve a place on the guided tour, which begins with Eternal Sundown on Saturday, 3 February at 19:00, and start the evening with a cup of hot chocolate in the hotel's beautiful lobby at 18:30.
  • Follow us and share your pictures of Eternal Sundown on - hashtag #cphmarriott and #cphlightfestival2018.


Fast facts about Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

  • Copenhagen Marriott is located on the part of Copenhagen's waterfront called Kalvebod Brygge. It opened in 2001, and has a capacity of 406 rooms.
  • The hotel remains Denmark's largest five-star hotel, and the ninth-biggest hotel in the capital.
  • The hotel has almost 200,000 overnight stays a year, in addition to which it welcomes thousands of people attending meetings and conferences.
  • The franchise owner of Copenhagen Marriott is BC Hospitality Group, one of Denmark's largest companies in the hotel, conference, trade show and hospitality sector.

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