BC Hospitality Group launches new limousine service

Press Release May 7, 2018

BC Hospitality Group is set to become the first hotel operator in Denmark to offer in-house limousine service, and is further raising the bar for customer experiences by adding the exclusive luxury option alongside its existing shuttle services.


CEO Allan L. Agerholm welcomes the latest addition to BC Hospitality Group's broad range of activities and says:


"We're delighted with the recent adjustments in Denmark's taxi legislation towards greater liberalisation, which opened the door to a license that will enable us, as a hotel operator, to realise our long-held ambition of offering in-house limousine service. For many years now, we have operated a popular airport shuttle service to and from our hotels in Ørestad, and in 2017, we added our successful cruise shuttle busses from all three hotels to the cruise terminals in Nordhavn. And now, this year, we are adding the limousine service, which harmonises with our customer service strategy of continuously optimising service and comfort for our guests - and does so with luxurious aplomb."


The limousine service will offer BC Hospitality Group's guests and customers transport to and from the airport, dining in the city, or any other destination they should desire. With service that could be fittingly described as 'all-in', both short and longer trips will include snacks, champagne, fresh fruit and more from a "fast and fresh" menu to ensure the best possible experience.


"We're talking about an exclusive product that appeals to our business and leisure customers alike. This includes the discerning business traveller - for whom time is money, and reliable transport with room to work while in transit is a must - as well as newly-weds staying the night at Copenhagen Marriott's Royal Suite, cruise travellers seeking added comfort, gala guests, etc." says Allan L. Agerholm.


The new limousine service will be available around the clock. Experienced professional drivers will operate the vehicles, and passengers will have access to concierge services while en route, should they need to reschedule lunch meetings, arrange dry cleaning pick-up, change their hotel reservations or anything else.


For limousine service information and booking for BC Hospitality Group's guests and customers, contact limo@bchg.dk or call +45 88 77 66 07.


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Contact information

CEO - BC Hospitality Group, Allan L. Agerholm, ala@bchg.dk, mobile: (+45) 50 60 44 00, or

Head of Media Relations - BC Hospitality Group, Anne Marie Barsøe, anba@bchg.dk, mobile: (+45) 81 88 48 43


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